Sunday, February 26, 2012

what have we girls

what have we been doing, just a update on our doings !
nearly the end of february and march is coming fast !
the cousins from hobart, barb and paula, made a trip to melbourne via a day trip on the boat from devonport and went on the first of many caravaning holidays, they have more photos !

this was an old steamer that still does trips for the tourists from victor harbour is south australia

paula put the kettle on and barbie prepares to make some scones

the steamer was not actually going on the day they were there so pretending was the order of the day !

and this train from somewhere to somewhere was brightly painted up

i got some mint on february 14th !

my new vegie patch is flourishing, except something loves the kale, eating every bit of leaf before your very eyes, little green grubs !

and i have been crocheting and sewing and trying to keep cool over a hot weekend, both here in Melbourne and Hobart

i prepared this today for hand quilting using a wool batting and it feels very cosy already !