Sunday, July 1, 2012

where have we been ?

well i did spend a month in hobart and have been back at home in melbourne for some time, but i have not done an update and this new month of july seemed an ideal time to do this

we are all always busy doing things, but now that the winter is really in full swing, more time is spent indoors

this is the bird hiding in the peach tree that i have shown you before, covered in peaches , luckily he does not eat much, but what a view he has on the derwent river in all the changing seasons

i have been stitching hexagons and making shapes, you can see more views over on my other blog if you are interested, they are breeding before my very eyes
barb and paula are always doing something together, painting houses, making blinds and curtains, such and busy and clever kingston girls and paper crafts are a passion of theirs, we all share many of the same interests, each doing things differently of course and each learning from each other

keep a look out as there will be lots of different things that will be available to look at and maybe purchase on the new etsy store being stocked up as we speak

back sooner than later !

Thursday, April 19, 2012

what will i take ?

i am heading to hobart for a 'babysitting' time with my cousins !
i always think days out from packing the bag about what stitching project i will take with me !
i wonder if i will have enough to keep me going or if i will be interested enough in just a couple of my projects !

at home of course you can easily choose which one to work on as the mood swings !

these hexagons will be easy to pack into a small space and lots to play with here, so they will be coming on the trip

and some clam shells too will fit in

but of course i will have people to look after so i will be cooking and washing and ironing 
it's not just a holiday 
looking forward to catching up with my cousin bill and his wife rose
who are also visiting tasmania at the moment

will do some reporting on what's going on down there when i am on the spot
autumn is hobart will be lovely
surrounded by those i love

Sunday, February 26, 2012

what have we girls

what have we been doing, just a update on our doings !
nearly the end of february and march is coming fast !
the cousins from hobart, barb and paula, made a trip to melbourne via a day trip on the boat from devonport and went on the first of many caravaning holidays, they have more photos !

this was an old steamer that still does trips for the tourists from victor harbour is south australia

paula put the kettle on and barbie prepares to make some scones

the steamer was not actually going on the day they were there so pretending was the order of the day !

and this train from somewhere to somewhere was brightly painted up

i got some mint on february 14th !

my new vegie patch is flourishing, except something loves the kale, eating every bit of leaf before your very eyes, little green grubs !

and i have been crocheting and sewing and trying to keep cool over a hot weekend, both here in Melbourne and Hobart

i prepared this today for hand quilting using a wool batting and it feels very cosy already !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

into a new year

i spent christmas in hobart, tasmania, with my family and friends, a week staying at a friend's home while they were in melbourne and some time with my cousin paula and a few days at orford at the shack with family members for the new year.
we made some short trips from our base at orford and just enjoyed a time of just rest and reflection.
we went to traibunna and fish and chips at the marina, so delicious, so fresh and with a raspberry ade

we visited sufies 3 days running, a small patchwork and christmas shop all year round and helped the tasmanian economy along quite nicely !

but the views of the boats were just lovely, though on the day i took the photos it was overcast, still warm, but a rest from the humid and hot weather we had been enjoying, i will let you look at the boats !

this one had just left the jetty and then the captain and his mate came out on deck

this old lab had very good sea legs and new every move about setting out for a sail

lots of lovely views of all the boats tied up at this marina and the caravan selling the fish and chips is just at the back of the old pub pictured in these photos and in a good picnic area and very popular

what a good place this would be for a stitchy type weekend or longer, not sure what if anything is happening at the pub, but it would be a grand place to get your hands on a bring new life into
we also visited kates berry farm at swansea, a well know spot on the tourist route and well it is a must stop and visit if you are anywhere near

we shared this between 5 of us, but i also could not resist a most delicious low fat icecream of chocolate and raspberry sorbet, there are no photos and just as well because according to my family i had some on my glasses, on the end of my nose and all down a new white shirt and had to be looked after like a small child in the cleaning up process! it was well worth it though and the new white shirt has also been cleaned and is all bright white again. well it was very warm and it was melting and i was sharing it also, but it was melting faster than i could lick it off the cone! a good memory! and you have been saved a messy photo.
we traveled onto the township of swansea with more sea views, such a great coastline and the colour of the water was spectacular all the way

then we traveled back to orford making some stops along the way which i will be back to show you some of the things we saw !
over on my other blog broderie you can see some other happenings while i was in hobart.

Monday, October 31, 2011

bright new stars and other new things

a new quilt pattern by 'trish harper designs' is ready to launch

over on my other blog broderie you can see more about this pattern and others that are available for sale

i am playing with a new toy today that arrived in the mail, i have been too busy to take any photos yet, but my table is covered with papers, card stock, stamps, punches and all sorts ! i will take some photos and show you next month, that could be as early as tomorrow !!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

around the house

this post is mostly just pictorial !
i have been confined to home basically now for 7 weeks, but not bored or disinterested !
some of the visions and things that have kept me busy and occupied !

there has been many hours spent sewing and reading magazines, gazing at things i like and dreaming, looking at the garden growing and the blooms appearing as spring has taken over the season !

it is friday and a thunder storm is brewing here in my home town, so i picked some of the spring blooms to bring inside to enjoy !

and you can see the roses growing, all the new shoots from the old wood !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

recent happenings

time for a bit of an update, where are those tasmanian cousins of mine ?

they are there, but not doing any posting of their happenings and doings !

love the flowers of spring

and a lovely fresh bowl of fruit

a visit to quilts in the barn with friends was another lovely day out with linda and her group of helpers at the annual exhibition she holds in aid of breast cancer research. lots of people come from all over, from interstate also and it was good to have the crow girls from hobart as the shop this year.

this time last year i was in hobart on a six week house sitting stint for my friends which was lovely, this year i have been house bound, well almost, here at home because i have a broken leg !
but the roses have been pruned and the garden cleared by some 'gardening angels', thankyou so much !

we are now waiting for the roses to bloom much later in the spring !

i will be back with some stitching to show you soon, lots of things !
did i say that last time ?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

lovely to look at

there are always things we love to look at
these are some of mine recently

this water view in hobart

this is the causeway at midway point, tasmania and i never tire of driving this area and there is always something lovely to look at here

signs of spring

the joy of other friends finished projects

playing with fabric and starting new things

big blooms and spots

out with the scissors and i'm working in my inside garden

well it is raining outside