Thursday, September 23, 2010

living in hobart, at the moment !

i come down often to spend time in this city, at the moment it has been quite a much longer stay and i have enjoyed each day.
here are some pictures to show bits of some of the days !

we all have our own nests, our homes, where we feel safe and happy ! i feel happy here in this city with members of my family who live here all the time. I am looking after a friend's home at the moment and this little decoration in her home reminds me each day that all is well.

been making some buttons and hair ties

playing with fabric and new quilts and sewing

making new desk organisers, this one is almost finished, more photos to come of the finished ones

Friday, September 10, 2010

happy day out in hobart

in warm air and sunshine we decided to take a trip to new norfolk yesterday mainly because i wanted to visit the drill hall emporium. it did not disappoint, lots of lovely items for sale and all in such beautiful surroundings. the moment you walk through the door the smell of beeswax meets you as everything is so well presented and the care of so many old things is ongoing.

the entrance, love those steps

now for some views inside just to show how lovely this emporium is

you can see how everything just glows in this shop even though it is all so old

polishing the silver and waxing these wood block letters, they had a great number to choose from, i could not go home without my initials and i got the numbers for my date of birth, they are numbers that keep popping up in my life, so i thought i would buy them!
and i loved these dressmaking models and look at the scissors!
and look at the cash register, very much in working order in this modern age!
we had a lovely day out in hobart, more to come. when at home here i have been stitching, my take on  the 'persian garden quilt' by kaffe fassett from his newest book. hand piecing the squares, easy stitching and a bit of fun.
off now exploring some more