Friday, July 22, 2011

where have i been ???

where have i been? not paying attention to this little bit of my life and when i was in hobart my computer was not doing what i wanted it to do and i was very lazy basically and on holidays !
i was shopping and cooking the dinner and meeting the school bus and loving it all.
we all did a bit of sewing, but life at the 'ranch' was in slow motion really !
and i did not really take many photos ! but here are a few . . . . . . . .

no we didn't play tennis, but this is where you queue up to enter the new gallery in hobart, on the derwent river . . . . mona

the mirrored wall a changing art piece in itself

of course we had some coffee and cake, though the sun was out and the sky was blue, waiting in the queue was a bit chilly !

and this very vocal young macaw was a local at a paper supply shop that we visited, he was very well looked after and also had a very large cage and was happy to chat !

and lucy was pleased to see me, i think some other family members were also pleased !

the top of paula's lovely half square triangle quilt is almost finished, looks gorgeous, but she has also finished her spool quilt and plans are underway for the next one.
i will take some more photos to share !