Sunday, May 29, 2011

quilting, the queen and hot dogs

in hobart there has been quite a bit of sewing going on i believe !
i am heading down there in a few weeks for a visit, i will have camera with me, so will post about what i find. at the moment i can only rely on what i am sent, so will share with you.

paula has been busy and finished her spools quilt, all hand pieced and then quilted by hand with perle 8 cotton. i know it now has a different binding, so i will zoom the camera in on it when i am down there.

caught on camera on a previous visit some time ago playing with a bird feeder as a crown atop my head ! the bird feeder is now in this garden, in hobart, belonging to my friend !

lots of birds come to visit here ! look at the lovely autumn colours !
winter will be with us officially in a couple of days, but the days have turned very brisk already! my cousin has a new pup, a jack russell / ????? (i know, but i could not spell) cross and could not find her recently in the house !

where the big logs for the fire usually sit, there was chloe, prime position, keeping very warm !

and during this month here at my home, my friends and visitors have been raising funds for the cancer council 'biggest morning tea' promotion. we have had a little 'things for sale' basket at all our gatherings. it is not too late, i am off now to make some of my scrappy dilly bags, everyone wanted them !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the circles of life

i have a problem with my heating here at my place in melbourne ! it has got quite chilly and it reminds me of the days before central heating !
so i am using some of my quilts to keep me warm !
here are a couple of views of 'camelot' on my bed, it is fun because the look changes depending on the way i fling it on the bed when making it.

and also interesting when sitting up in bed having 'a nice cup of tea'

it's mothers day tomorrow, so i hope many mums get a cup of tea in the morning and have a warm quilt to cheer them also

and some new bits purchased yesterday while out with the girls

and these fabrics were sent to hobart for paula and barb

a layer cake
a charm pack

and these bright cheery socks will keep some feet warm soon

such fun to knit
with this wool