Monday, March 14, 2011

at this table

at this table in my home in melbourne, over many years, as well as hosting many wonderful meals shared by family and friends, it has also been the spot where creativity has taken place.

recently, when the girls were over from hobart, we spent many hours round the table

making some paper boxes, using magazine pages, as well as hand piecing and some machine sewing

most recently we were plaiting fabric strips and making bags of all shapes and sizes
then there is this, each piece has been drawn from a template, then cut out with the scissors, then handpieced, hand quilted and now the binding is done

there are spots and dots, fruit and florals, stripes and little chirpy birds and, and, and

and every colour of the rainbow, but it has worked and i am pleased with this finish !

and i have just had a phone call from the hobart girls, they have been making me some things to wear !
SPOILT !!!! I AM !!!!

happy birthday to barb tomorrow, march 15th !