Thursday, April 19, 2012

what will i take ?

i am heading to hobart for a 'babysitting' time with my cousins !
i always think days out from packing the bag about what stitching project i will take with me !
i wonder if i will have enough to keep me going or if i will be interested enough in just a couple of my projects !

at home of course you can easily choose which one to work on as the mood swings !

these hexagons will be easy to pack into a small space and lots to play with here, so they will be coming on the trip

and some clam shells too will fit in

but of course i will have people to look after so i will be cooking and washing and ironing 
it's not just a holiday 
looking forward to catching up with my cousin bill and his wife rose
who are also visiting tasmania at the moment

will do some reporting on what's going on down there when i am on the spot
autumn is hobart will be lovely
surrounded by those i love