Wednesday, June 8, 2011

may has become june

and winter is here with its icy blasts !
good time to be at home, cosy and stitching !

these little ceramic tags from my friend in hobart, on the keyboard, remind me of all the home made goodness that comes past my eyes these days

here is thelma, an old friend (also turned 80 recently) and now a grandmother for the first time !
so exciting !
thelma stitched all the cross stitch alphabet some years ago, before she got parkinsons disease and with some help from barb machining the quilt top together, it is now all finished for lola !

it was machine quilted with a large meander just to keep it simple
hopefully lola will love this quilt made by grandma and a couple of friends for many years
lola will be two next month

this is a new little red corner in the room i live in
some of the things that friends have been sewing

dianne, who has just visited tasmania for a week or so, is making a lovely soft rosy hexagon quilt

sharyn is making the last stitches in a quilt top for a grand daughter

marlene is doing some cross stitch, just one of the things she is doing, always has a bag full !

this was finished off recently, though i had hand pieced the squares whilst house sitting last year in hobart, i sent it off to have it machine quilted with just a large meander again and though i like it, i don't really love it ! here is a bit more detail

oh well , it will keep someone warmer

and simone has finished this quilt top, a block of the month programme that she has been doing

and lavina and her sister have just finished this quilt for a grandson, this 12 yo's brother, is studying in america and he wanted an 'american' quilt, so stars and stripes and red, blue and white look good

and i will be in hobart soon with camera, taking photos of what we get up to down there and also as promised some of the sewing my cousins have been doing