Monday, June 14, 2010

like to meet us?

i guess you may like to meet us, the 'girls' from broderie and the kingston girls, we are the faces behind this blog 'give these girls ago'.
i can hear screams coming from tasmania, as my cousins shout why did you use that photo, but i have been searching and this is what we look like really, there has been no cosmetic fixing! we are practical girls after all, doing things and happy with our life.

this is me, lizzie, and i am interested in all needlecrafts, papercrafts, love colour and fabric and love friends and family, and also love my own company, am content with my life.
this is barbara, loves her home and enjoys papercrafts, patchwork, machine sewing and cooking, a new dog called 'millie' keeps her very fit! and is sister to paula and cousin of lizzie, and also loves her family and friends.
this is paula, sister to barbara and cousin of lizzie. enjoys her home and all things in it and can do just about anything, loves power tools as well as papercrafts, patchwork and sewing almost anything on a machine, her dog lucy and horses zac and prissy. of course she also loves her family and friends.


Cardygirl said...

What beautiful ladies!

Maree: said...

Thanks for Introducing Yourselves...This looks like a Fun Blog...