Sunday, July 25, 2010

the kingston girls in town

off to the airport i went on monday to pick up paula and barb from hobart, they were to stay with me for a few days before heading to townsville. it was the first time we three had been together since starting this blog. there have been lots of laughs, lots of stitching and quite a bit of technical work done on the computer, lucky me! but then i do give directions on the sewing and choices. here is a pictorial view of our few days.

barb has just finished, well almost, a hexagon quilt and planning and lots of stitching for a new one was taking place here.

some r & r taking place also, some stitching in bed in the morning, with some inspiration on her bed !
i call it my 'bed of roses quilt', all handpieced years ago, but then i had it machine quilted!

paula, meanwhile was getting on with her hst quilt, sewing lots more triangles together in preparation for the flight to townsville and adding in a few more fabrics in her colour range.

it is looking good, really good, i love it !

then we laughed about this, all on the table together with our sewing etc., we had soup for lunch with a salada biscuit! these items all gathered in one area of the table!

they will be back in a week for a couple more days, that will be good!
there are lots of things to pack to send back home, they went shopping at ikea!


Cardygirl said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely time! Love that finger pincushion...cute!

Carmen Isaacs said...

The hexagon quilt is "to die for" do you have a larger photo by any chance?

Barb said...

Have fun girls! Looks like you have a lot of fun things to work on!