Sunday, February 6, 2011

getting together

i spent christmas in hobart and there were lots of days where we got together with friends and family and just for the family members i will publish some of those photos!

paula, marcus, lizzie and barb on christmas day 2010

nicholas and anthony shaw with marcus

that pantry door is always open!

the world would be a much better place if there were more
wendy's in this world, she isn't family, but we would adopt
her! she is famous for her random acts of kindness! and the 
ironing basket is nearly always empty!!!

and one of the duo of 'grumpy old men' who did a great job on christmas day! is that a crumb on his face!

the home grown raspberries going on the pav!

our kangaroo paw christmas tree

and our little bit of england!
we had another christmas tree

stitched by our dear sharon years ago as a sample for my shop
but now is apart of the living area all year round along with the fond memories of her

and the navity scene on the old organ
along with photos of those we loved

hobart cottage was also ready for
christmas, my friend deb had added
some christmas cheer

barb and paula are coming to melbourne this week for some more 'getting together'!
we will be doing lots of sewing and making things and i will be back to show you and share our time together.


Maree: said...

Thanks for sharing all looked Fabulous!!

serena said...

Whata a Luvaly laedie thata Wendie looka likey. I woulda likea a persona lika lat ta do mi thingsa arounda mi housie. Is shea onli ina hobert? I glad yousa all hada gooda christtmas togethers

Sandra Henderson said...

Your photos of family are incredible! You caught their souls! Amazing. Lovely.... Xo