Friday, April 15, 2011

a post for april

it is the middle of april already and there has not been an update here for sometime, but that does not mean that nothing has been happening! lots of sewing has been going on in both states !
barb has been sewing up a 'cafe' almost with layer cakes, and some sewing for me, and working on her hexagons, and some sewing for me, also her spools and some sewing for me.

here are two in the process
and this was some work to help me out with some of my things in the cupboard that needed to be dealt with

this alphabet has been cross stitched from the fairytales mango publication, available in our etsy store and made into a quilt for little lola

and this is barb's spool top being hand pieced, i will have to tell her to take the photos square on, so i can play with them, and yes she did do some more for me, made me some night dresses, but i will spare you a glimpse of me in either of those, the nighties are lovely, but i am not jennifer hawkins ! ok !

paula too has been sewing for me and also catching up on some of her own

a giant pincushion, they are so good when machine stitching and hand piecing

and her spools !

and i also have been quite busy

and me, lizzie, these are my spools, but i need to cut up some more white, i have lots of blue bits ready to go.
plus i have been cutting blue and green tumbler shapes for my next scrappy quilt, i have heaps, and heaps of these !

and i will show you in the next post some other bits that have been filling my days.
see you soon !

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