Tuesday, September 13, 2011

recent happenings

time for a bit of an update, where are those tasmanian cousins of mine ?

they are there, but not doing any posting of their happenings and doings !

love the flowers of spring

and a lovely fresh bowl of fruit

a visit to quilts in the barn with friends was another lovely day out with linda and her group of helpers at the annual exhibition she holds in aid of breast cancer research. lots of people come from all over, from interstate also and it was good to have the crow girls from hobart as the shop this year.

this time last year i was in hobart on a six week house sitting stint for my friends which was lovely, this year i have been house bound, well almost, here at home because i have a broken leg !
but the roses have been pruned and the garden cleared by some 'gardening angels', thankyou so much !

we are now waiting for the roses to bloom much later in the spring !

i will be back with some stitching to show you soon, lots of things !
did i say that last time ?

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