Sunday, July 1, 2012

where have we been ?

well i did spend a month in hobart and have been back at home in melbourne for some time, but i have not done an update and this new month of july seemed an ideal time to do this

we are all always busy doing things, but now that the winter is really in full swing, more time is spent indoors

this is the bird hiding in the peach tree that i have shown you before, covered in peaches , luckily he does not eat much, but what a view he has on the derwent river in all the changing seasons

i have been stitching hexagons and making shapes, you can see more views over on my other blog if you are interested, they are breeding before my very eyes
barb and paula are always doing something together, painting houses, making blinds and curtains, such and busy and clever kingston girls and paper crafts are a passion of theirs, we all share many of the same interests, each doing things differently of course and each learning from each other

keep a look out as there will be lots of different things that will be available to look at and maybe purchase on the new etsy store being stocked up as we speak

back sooner than later !

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