Sunday, July 18, 2010

a lovely slow sunday

i don't often do it, but so far this sunday i have done lots, but am still in my nightie and dressing gown! last week looked like a quiet week, but gathered speed and the last few days have been full and active and long days! i have been watching the 'tour de france' which means in southern australia you have to stay up late. i watch because of all the lovely scenery along the way, know nothing about the tactics of the race etc. it is a cold and wet sunday and so that is my excuse, if i need one!

i love these little cards sent to me by a friend who lives in hobart and they sum up my day really!
i should be out walking, if only i could, but 'him' is missing!

paula and barb, my cousins who i do this blog with, are coming over to stay for a few days before going to townsville for a family wedding.
i am preparing for their stay and have been making our favourite soup, windsor brown by jamie oliver!
you can google the recipe, it is delicious, a hearty winter soup for meat eaters.

in the area where i live in melbourne we are very lucky to have a flower boy who comes from door to door on the weekends and yesterday i chose these tulips to brighten the house over the next few days and to welcome my family and any other visitors.

i am sure we will report on some of the things we get up to over the next few days.


Maree: said...

Nothing wrong with a PJ day...not that I get to do that much..Have a lovely stay with your Cousins... I'm sure you will..

Daniëlle said...

Hi from another Tour watcher!! Today's a difficult stretch! I love the scenery also!! Thursday last they were cycling in our favourite area around Die!!! Fabulous!! Love your tulips, great colour! Enjoy your cousins! Have a nice day, Daniëlle from Holland

Cardygirl said...

Have a lovely those tulips.