Tuesday, October 12, 2010


well i am home in melbourne at my place and my friends are on their way, back home in hobart tomorrow!
i have been doing some posts over on my other blog broderie about my time down there, so if you are interested or have not visited before then go and take a look.

my half square triangle quilt, that started up as using up some scraps of much loved fabrics, became a bit of an obsession, started in 01/10 and the top finished in 10/10 in hobart. i will hand quilt it, i guess !

on the sunday that daylight saving started just over a week ago, i took myself out for a drive in the beautiful sunshine of hobart and was able to get a car park down at salamanca just outside the wool shop and could not resist these few bits. it was the colour that got me, mmmmmmmmh what will i do with it?

it reminded me of the pink blossom against the blue sky in the garden

these are a type of forget me not, i think channing island! i love them, big fleshy dark green leaves and those flower buds are just gorgeous!

i will miss this view, it was so peaceful and ever changing and hearing the water lapping at night was very comforting.

on friday i am heading to quilts in the barn to support their effort to raise funds for breast cancer research. i am going with some friends, are you going too?

i don't know why this post went like this, but i am not deleting, just makes life a bit more interesting!

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