Monday, November 1, 2010

race time in melbourne

the first tuesday in november is a famous date the world over here in my home city, melbourne, australia! it is melbourne cup day! it is the 150th melbourne cup tomorrow!
i will be watching on television, i have been quite a few times years ago and it is a fun day! my old school friend, margaret is going for the first time tomorrow with her son, tim, who loves the spring horse racing carnival in this city. hopefully it will be a great day.
'so you think' you can pick the winner!

these two will not be in the race!

paula tells me that 'prissy' the one in the foreground, has laminitis, horses get it from eating too much lush grass and so they have been put on a diet because it gives them sore feet!!! my feet are sore, terrible feet i have, wonder if it is all the grass i eat? wish that was the reason!

lots of recent rain in melbourne has meant that our gardens are all looking much lusher and greener and better!

this state and country has been in drought conditions for many years and it is so good to see the difference that water falling from the sky makes, of course we have too much in some parts causing flooding, not so good!

this lovely spring posy brought to me by one of the saturday sewing girls, thanks jan!
pop over to broderie to see some of the things we have been stitching.

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