Saturday, November 27, 2010

now christmas is coming !

have you got all your preparations well on the way, i am thinking about it today, doing something !
i know the members of this blog who live in hobart have made all the christmas puddings, i have been waiting for them to do a post, but i think i will be waiting, and waiting and waiting !!!!!!!!!!

it is a family affair, barb and paula put all the ingredients together and usually kevin and noel do the mixing. but this year kevin was missing on assignment and noel did the mixing, and with a name like that, 'noel' very appropiate for the season, i am sure the puddings will be very merry this year. oh i wish i had a photo of the operation!!! paula could you take a photo of the puddings please and post it so we can all see.

many years ago, when living in devonport, tasmania, our neighbour used to always say about this time of the year 'the parties are starting' and it has been one of those utterances that has always been apart of the vocabulary of my family. well the parties are starting and i have a few, not a diary full like some people.
i will be going to hobart for christmas an am looking forward to it, to be with some of those that i love.

here are a few pictures of things happening here in and around my place

handpiecing some pineapples and building some houses

if you would like to see more about these, then go over to broderie and see the post

these two old boys were stitched in hobart years ago by our dear sharon
as models, when i had my shop and now live with me all year round
have you been good?
he is coming soon!

and my garden is full of these buds all beginning to burst into flower and i love the blue and white display they give at this time of the year here in australia.
i am off to do some christmas wrapping, i am watching the cricket, the first ashes match from brisbane and the aussies are doing well at the moment, it is election day here in victoria and it is another overcast, rainy and stormy sort of a saturday, though not as bad as they were predicting.
the sewing girls and i are off tomorrow to macedon to spend the day with one of the group, looking forward to that.

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