Friday, October 7, 2011

around the house

this post is mostly just pictorial !
i have been confined to home basically now for 7 weeks, but not bored or disinterested !
some of the visions and things that have kept me busy and occupied !

there has been many hours spent sewing and reading magazines, gazing at things i like and dreaming, looking at the garden growing and the blooms appearing as spring has taken over the season !

it is friday and a thunder storm is brewing here in my home town, so i picked some of the spring blooms to bring inside to enjoy !

and you can see the roses growing, all the new shoots from the old wood !


Cardygirl said...

Love everything you have been creating! The garden is looking lovely.

Maree: said...

Love the Fabrics you are Using in your Circles they are Fabulous..
Beautiful Garden..

Chookyblue...... said...

love the things you have in this post.........beautiful blocks........hope your mending well.......

Barb said...

Beautiful post!
Love the hexegon circles - wonderful!!

twobutterflies said...

They're all beautiful but I'm in love with that hexagon one!